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Samatel Experience

Key Strengths

100% Oman! Company
Experienced Management Team Samatel boasts of its experienced and most successful team, who understand Customer from grass root level with experience from Vodafone, Effortel, Orascom, Etisalat, Omantel, etc.

Right Price Model
Samatel is brining you the mobile services you always wanted at a very affordable prices which help you achieve the results you always wanted.

Customer Care at its Best
Entire Samatel team and vision revolves around a happy customer which defines Samatel Core Business Objectives. You can be 100% sure of getting the premium customer care ever in the Sultanate of Oman

Excellent Technology Platform
Samatel with its hi-tech partners Effortel from Belgium will deliver a super class mobile experience to our customers.

Services Coverage
At Samatel, you will be provided with a vast list of services that you can subscribe to and gel the best of mobile experience that you have always wanted.


  • Experience being charged for services that you use only

  • Lowest call rates with no hidden monthly fees

  • Samatel makes signing up and top up simpler than ever before through automated systems

  • Samatel presents flexible and unique customer service experience.

  • Samatel gives you best rates for your calls

  • Samatel provides creative and innovative telecom solutions to meet your needs and desires

  • Samatel has one of a kind loyalty program


SAMATEL Sales Strategy

The development and maintenance of strong customer relationships are critical to the growth and profitability of Samatel, Our Sales Strategy will be a Winning sales and retaining customers, and superior Customer Service with added value and products.  Samatel sale representatives and field service personnel will make the difference. They are the company's ambassadors, and need to show the customer the unique selling proposition of our product, increased knowledge and faster responsiveness.

Our goal is to build profitability and grow revenue for our shareholders. Customer satisfaction, visibility to customers' and the ability to respond to them in near real-time becomes a critical competitive driver.

The Channel Strategy & Analytics team will focus on Finance and is responsible for consulting support for all Channels in the organization. The charter of this team is to provide thought leadership and bring change were it is required.

For our direct sales force, with our alternative channels, definition, infrastructure (e.g. Web) implementation, and organization, recruiting, and training occur during the execution stage. The logistics model defined in the planning stage is realized through selection of and negotiation with partners, set up of logistics capabilities and facilities, and delineation of the logistics processes and systems. Additionally, during execution, there are a host of trade marketing activities: trade marketing policies definition, supplier selection, sales collateral and POP materials development, and co-advertising and co-promotion program definition

Our Planning for international telecommunications gateway (IGW) is in order to reduce the high cost of communication and the cost of doing business in the telecom sector. The sales and distribution strategy should articulate the IGW’S overall channel strategy by analyzing distribution needs and desired reach, assessing competitors’ distribution programs, designing the sales organization, and developing an overarching sales plan.

Driving Operating costs at a minimum by:

  • Driving traffic, purchasing and customer care through the web-site, hence keeping head count low
  • Utilizing a bare-bones corporate presence. The Company will ensure to keep a lean management organization
  • Cost and Revenue-sharing agreements with partners, thereby minimizing R&D and investment costs
  • Providing simple, self-explanatory service requiring a minimum yet sufficient of customer-service
  • Constantly striving to drive whole-sale price for traffic and access to network operator down

IGW roll out Plan:

  • Phase 1: of the roll-out will take place in areas already covered by the operators. The Company will use targeted local marketing reaching its key audience while keeping costs minimal.
  • Phase 2:  will involve more wide-spread marketing in similar areas and provide the Company access to additional consumers and increased spending on brand awareness as a larger audience is sought.
  •  Phase 3: the national availability of SAMATEL. The Company has devised a detailed and structured plan including staffing and funding to reach this phase to market nationally, the consumer will be able to sign-up for service anywhere in OMAN from launch date.

Human Resources Strategy

The goal of organization-related activities is to gather the critical mass of resources and skills necessary for launch. With our organizational structure and defined key roles and responsibilities, with our recruitment plan and sourcing strategy and the enablement model selected by the company (a managed service allows the company to outsource operational roles and headcount needs in some areas).

  • Samatel emphasized that human resource is core to a company and is crucial to the company's business operations. Therefore, human resource management’s fundamental objective is to achieve both customer and staff satisfaction.
  • Samatel will strive to be a good employer. Each Samatel’s function shall develop and apply professional integrity, mutual respect, honesty, perseverance and excellence, and be intolerant of bureaucratic thinking, and work towards common objectives.
  • Samatel’s employees are both creative and energetic, having been carefully selected to be part of the Samatel family, as we are in a period of dynamic development and can offer everyone great development opportunities and potential. We believe “Only” if you are prepared to seize this opportunity without hesitation, then you will become successful. We feel that the company has a team of energetic people working and communicating with each other. As long as there is a common objective, everyone will be able to carve a niche for themselves.
  • Samatel also promotes the delegation of authority. The company attaches great importance to the deployment of the personnel, and is willing to provide them with adequate autonomy to play their role to its greatest potential.
  • We have selected our senior managers based on a careful assessment of their organizational, planning and leadership capabilities, and these managers are subjected to continual training and development, where suitable qualified managers are repeatedly and vigorously toughened through the assignment of added responsibilities and projects. The senior management and human resource department continually review and evaluate such managers on their readiness to take on bigger roles.
  • This is a meritocracy process, where company and staff constantly examine and adapt to each other.
  • "Professionalism, Mutual Respect." While requiring employees to create value for the company, Samatel also actively encourages and supports employees in their sustained personal development in the company.

Samatel will constant pursuit of its long-term goals and continually seeking ways to resolve the potential problems encountered on its journey. Samatel staff’s determination must be coupled with innovation, vision and a stronger ability, so as to enable the company to develop and grow in this increasingly unpredictable business environment



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